It can demonstrate it’s serious about security by putting new

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Lack of diplomatic movement on the Karabakh conflict notwithstanding, Azerbaijan nevertheless demonstrated its determination last year to press forward on various lower level issues. The government restored 150 houses in the village of Jojug Marjanli, recaptured from occupying Armenian forces in the April 2016 battles. Furthermore, the international community wide rejection of the independence referendums in Iraqi Kurdistan and Spanish Catalonia in 2017 increased hopes in Baku that Azerbaijan foreign partners will show similar resolute commitment to its territorial sovereignty.

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The remainder of the (just under) $35 billion that goes to defence each year is split pretty evenly between equipment and operations, but with our commitment to the Middle East winding down and the government stoking up fears about insecurity in our region, the emphasis is returning to purchasing new, big ticket items. This has an added political bonus for the government. It can demonstrate it’s serious about security by putting new toys on the table as well as finding jobs for mendicant electorates..

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