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Michael Lemole, Giffords physician. “Things like opening her eyes, that kind of occurrence is happening more and more frequently at this time.”Giffords dramatic improvements were highlighted during Obama remarks at a Wednesday memorial for victims of the shooting, when he first broke the news of her opening her left eye in response to visitors in her hospital room.”Right after we went to visit a few minutes after we left her room and some of her colleagues in Congress were in the room Gabby opened her eyes for the first time,” Obama said, inspiring a standing ovation from the thousands of people gathered for a memorial service at the University of Arizona.On Thursday, her doctors reported she moving her arms and legs. On Friday, they said she is opening her eyes more and more frequently and can carry out more complex sequences of activity in response to commands.She had surgery Saturday to repair fractures around her right eye socket.

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I know what some of you snobby types are thinking. “After my sphincter relaxes enough for me to regain control of my hand, I am so clicking away from this page. I had no idea he’d sunk so low. Isn a trucked in show, she says. An immersive experience with an enormous local cast and a 25 foot tree. It just a breathtaking production.

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